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When to Refer

Academic Signs

  • Excessive absence/tardiness
  • Inconsistent or deteriorating quality of work
  • Increased tardiness or absences
  • Disorganized work and/or presentation of ideas
  • Repeated requests for extensions
  • Written or verbal expression of morbid, dark, or violent thoughts
  • Disproportionate anxiety about coursework and/or in response to grades

Behavioral Signs

  • Exhibits high levels of emotionality, tearfulness, crying
  • Excessively demanding or dependent behavior
  • Nonsensical, incoherent speech
  • Expression of suicidal thoughts
  • Angry outbursts, intimidating or aggressive behavior. Impulsivity.
  • Expressions of worthlessness, hopelessness, despair
  • Unusually animated or withdrawn
  • Unpredictable and/or rapid shifts in mood. Inability to regulate mood/behavior.
  • Increasing dependence on you (by making excessive appointments, hanging around your office or after class) or others

Need help now?

Dial 9.1.1


Campus Police Services at 609.771.2345

Physical Signs

  • Deteriorating or poor hygiene, disheveled appearance, soiled clothes
  • Comes to class smelling of alcohol or appearing high
  • Noticeably slowed or rapid speech
  • Appears consistently fatigued and/or falling asleep in class
  • Significant weight gain or loss
  • Appears confused, disoriented, or out of touch with reality.

Other Reasons to Refer

Student references experiencing:

  • food insecurity
  • housing insecurity
  • roommate issues
  • financial insecurity
  • grief/bereavement
  • physical health
  • any concern impacting their ability to succeed at TCNJ