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What to Expect

Upon receipt of a CARE referral, the CARE staff will review the information you provided, gather additional information and determine the best strategy for follow-up. Individuals who make a referral may be contacted. Depending on the circumstances, the referrer may not receive specific information about how CARE plans to respond to their referral.

Examples of possible responses:

  • A CARE representative may circle back around to the referral source and provide suggestions and ways to respond to the concerning behavior or to gather further information.
  • A CARE representative may reach out to the student of concern directly to provide support resources and targeted interventions.
  • A CARE representative may schedule an in-person meeting with the student of concern.
  • If the situation requires imminent action, such as situations where the individual is an immediate threat of harming self or others, CARE may coordinate with Campus Police Services to assist in the response or interim action may be taken by the College; or the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) may be activated for case review and follow-up.

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