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Concerning Behavior

If you feel an individual is an immediate danger to themselves or others call Campus Police (609) 771-2345 or 911 at once.

Behaviors to Manage

The following are examples of behaviors that may be handled by faculty or staff without a CARE referral:

  • Student surfing the net during lecture
  • Texting in class
  • Dominating class discussion – asking an overwhelming number of questions
  • Sleeping in class
  • Disrespectful, challenging language during class lecture or during office hours
  • Concerning appearance (hygiene, dress, etc.)

Tips for responding to student behavior:

  • Talk to the student in a quiet, safe place.
  • Allow plenty of time and communicate care for the student’s well being.
  • Consider having your department chair or a peer with you if you are re-addressing the behavior.
  • If you have concerns for a student whom you have already attempted to help, consult with the Dean of Students Office.

Behaviors to Refer

The following behaviors are examples in which a CARE referral may be appropriate. Please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Drastic change in appearance (hygiene, dress, etc.)
  • Worrisome statements – “If I fail this class I might as well not be here”
  • Atypical behavior – mumbling, shifting rapidly between moods
  • Disjointed thoughts, intense emotions, inappropriate responses
  • Disclosure of difficulty dealing with daily life, anxiety
  • Concerns related to substance abuse/misuse
  • High risk behaviors seen online and/or off campus

To submit a CARE referral, click here.

Behaviors to Report

The following behaviors are examples in which a Student Conduct/Incident Report may be appropriate. Please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Actions that prohibit continuation of instruction
  • Refusing to follow safety instructions
  • Harassment in the learning environment
  • Threatening or dangerous behavior
  • Under the influence of a substance in the educational environment

To submit an incident report, click here.