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Concerning Behavior

If you feel an individual is an immediate danger to themselves or others call Campus Police (609) 771-2345 or 911 at once.

Behaviors to Manage

The following are examples of behaviors that may be handled by faculty or staff without a CARE referral:

  • Student surfing the net during lecture
  • Texting in class
  • Dominating class discussion – asking an overwhelming number of questions
  • Sleeping in class
  • Disrespectful, challenging language during class lecture or during office hours
  • Concerning appearance (hygiene, dress, etc.)

Tips for responding to student behavior:

  • Talk to the student in a quiet, safe place.
  • Allow plenty of time and communicate care for the student’s well being.
  • Consider having your department chair or a peer with you if you are re-addressing the behavior.
  • If you have concerns for a student whom you have already attempted to help, consult with the Dean of Students Office.

Behaviors to Refer

The following behaviors are examples in which a CARE referral may be appropriate. Please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Drastic change in appearance (hygiene, dress, etc.)
  • Worrisome statements – “If I fail this class I might as well not be here”
  • Atypical behavior – mumbling, shifting rapidly between moods
  • Disjointed thoughts, intense emotions, inappropriate responses
  • Disclosure of difficulty dealing with daily life, anxiety
  • Concerns related to substance abuse/misuse
  • High risk behaviors seen online and/or off campus

To submit a CARE referral, click here.

Behaviors to Report

The following behaviors are examples in which a Student Conduct/Incident Report may be appropriate. Please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Actions that prohibit continuation of instruction
  • Refusing to follow safety instructions
  • Harassment in the learning environment
  • Threatening or dangerous behavior
  • Under the influence of a substance in the educational environment

To submit an incident report, click here.

For Spring 2021 all CARE services are being provided remotely. CARE referrals continue to be processed and student meetings are being held online. Please email or your case manager directly for additional assistance.